“Partnership and Teaching” NGO invites Civil Society Organizations in RA regions and Yerevan to participate in the “Innovation for Change: Armenia/I4C Armenia” project financed by TIDES Center and USAID.The objective of the project is to promote citizen engagement through the introduction of local government and civil society sector reporting systems.

Project implementation stages:

> First Stage

Capacity building trainings will be organized for 80 selected CSOs in the areas of public funds monitoring, assessment and financial literacy. In parallel with the trainings, a competition for community-based innovative ideas will be announced for the participant CSOs to introduce innovative mechanisms and tools for accountability and transparency.

> Second Stage

The CSOs that submitted 30 best ideas will participate in the grant stage of the project. The purpose of the grant stage is to improve the accountability and transparency mechanisms of CSOs and LSGB, with a focus on mitigating the challenges posed by COVID-19, the design of efficient needs-oriented actions, and the promotion of active citizen participation and citizen trust towards CSOs and LSGBs.

The deadline for submitting the application is November 29th 2020, 23:59.In case of questions, please reach us at 094358857 or write to [email protected], with “I4C-Armenia” in the subject line.

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To submit the application in English: