30 June – 14 July 2019

Goris, Armenia

 “Armenian cuisine and alcoholic drinks of Syunik region” is an intensive two-weeks summer school where the participants will gain in depth knowledge about the unique cuisine of the Syunik region, will explore dozens of regional dishes and drinks and will improve their knowledge about the history of recipes and cooking secrets.

Summer School is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in Armenian national and regional culture, discovering the diversity and secrets of national cuisine, which is an integral part of Armenian culture.

Participants also will have the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural sights, architecture, monuments and the nature of the region.

The program is developed jointly by Partnership and Teaching NGO, Dispro Line and ARMACAD Armenia.

The trainings will be conducted by leading experts in the field of national culinary as well as the masters of Armenian traditional alcoholic drinks, which are famous for their unique production techniques.


The Summer School Program will include practical trainings on national dishes and drinks at one of the Goris city restaurants, theoretical classroom training and sessions on the region’s history, national daily life, food and cuisine. The main components of the summer school will be around the following topics:

  1. Authentic meals and dishes of Syunik region, their recipes and preparation techniques.
  2. Production and techniques of consumption of national alcoholic drinks of Syunik region (mulbery vodka, cornel vodka, plums vodka, wine, doshab, machar, etc.).
  3. History, culture and architecture of Syunik.

Every day the classes will begin in the kitchen and will include a full cooking session, presentation of the recipes and an explanation of all the necessary details by the chef. In this section, each participant can take part in the training by assisting the chef. After cooking, all participants will taste the dishe. This part of the course will last for around 2 hours.

A 30-minute part of the theoretical training course will follow the cooking session and will feature interesting episodes of the history, culture and architecture of Syunik region.

After the training participants will take part in alcoholic drinks production training. As a wide range of Syunik region alcoholic drinks are made in house farms, this part will be managed next to distiller in the houses of people which have years of experience in alcoholic drinks making process. During these course participants will be presented vodka-making process and the traditional ways of receiving vodka from different fruits.

The language of courses is Armenian, English translation will be provided.


 During the summer school, especially on weekends, several trips will be organized.

Participants will visit Tatev Monastery, Khndzoresk, Halidzor, Old Goris, Bkheno-Noravank, Vorotnavank and Sisian, Karahunj, Shaki Waterfalls, Stepanakert, Shushi and Gandzasar.


  • The summer school participants will be able to use the skills, knowledge and the experience received during the trainings at academic research, individual business and start-up projects and/or as a hobby in their personal lives.
  • The summer school participants will become fully aware about the cooking technologies, recipes and history of all main dishes of Armenian cuisine unique to Syunik region.
  • The summer school participants will have the skills to make unique dishes of Syunik at home and if necessary equipment is under hand also to make some of the alcoholic drinks from different fruits (you have to check the laws about making in house alcoholic drinks of each country).

Who can apply

 The international summer school is open to anyone at least 18 years old and interested in Armenian and regional culture, national cuisine and architecture.

The program is designed for historians, anthropologists, architects, ethnographers, culinary specialists and anyone else who has interests in national cuisines, who just want to learn more recepies to cook and for anyone who thinks that this summer school is going to become a life changing and fun experiences.


 The Summer School participation fee is $1990 and it includes: Yerevan – Goris – Yerevan transportation on (June 30 and July 14), accommodation and food in Goris from June 30 till July 14. All travel expenses during the program.

We will not cover visa costs, insurance, travel costs to Armenia, from Armenia, any costs of accompanying friends or family members.

How to apply

 To apply, please press on the “Apply online” button below this announcement. If you are not registered in ARMACAD, please create your account in the pop up window. If you already have an account just sign in and start filling in the application form fields. In the cover letter section please write a short essay in English not exceeding 2400 characters about your motivation to participate in this program. Fill in all other fields and press save as draft. If everything is excellent please click on submit application and your application will be received.

Application dedline is April 5, 2019.

Registered participants should send 100% of the participation fee before May 05, 2019 via a wire bank transfer according to an invoice provided by the organizers.

The potential applicants of the summer school may search for scholarships and travel grants to participate in this summer at their own University/School/Community or other relevant foundations.

The organizers of the summer school will provide applicants with an official letter of invitation to support scholarship and travel grant applications.

All details on Summer School are available at the link below:–summer-school-cfa-armenian-cuisine-and-alcoholic-drinks-of-syunik-region-30-june-14-july-2019-goris-armenia?fbclid=IwAR2DH5BIrFflSDpo13P4xlRB0gwXzozOE6VdbTXGYUmdbOUt0M1srBJiQ58