National Poetry Recitation Contest

National Poetry Recitation Contest

On May 7, the final of the National Poetry Recitation Contest took place in AUA. This year the contest has been organized with the cooperative efforts of Peace Corps volunteers and “Partnership and Teaching” NGO.

During the opening of the contest, Peace Corps volunteer  Darlin Monreo and P&T representative Lilith Avetisyan greeted the participants. Later, Artashes Torozyan, the executive director of P&T NGO, greeted and encouraged the participants and thanked the organizations which supported the implementation of the contest.

The main goal of the National Poetry Recitation Contest is to support primary and secondary schoolchildren to develop their public speech skills, critical thinking, knowledge of English and cultural awareness.

This year, more than 400 pupils, from different regions of Armenia, have participated in the contest, 50 of which participated in the final.

According to their age-group 18 pupils took first, second and third places and got encouraging gifts.