“Partnership and Teaching” (P&T) NGO which was founded in 2000 is a local non-profit organization with the following mission : teaching and cooperation for the development of the civil society.

P&T NGO  supports the promotion of the civil society in Armenia contributing to the development of the institutional capabilities of civil society organizations, educational institutions and local self-governal bodies.



 Transparency and accountabiliy

  • Clear communication
  • Clarity of responsibilities and rights
  • Qualified sevices
  • Cooperation
  • The importance of non-formal education



 To contribute to the consistence of the democratic, legal and prosperous country

  • To support to the consistence and development of the civil society
  • To support to the implementation of the process of changes in the sphere of public policy
  • To contribute to the reformations implemented in  the educational system
  • Contribute to the democratization of the management of the educational system
  • Contribute to the process of community development