Since 2000 P&T NGO has managed a range of grants for diverse organizations. We can offer this service to local and international institutions, and to individuals who are interested in supporting other individuals and organizations financially (and non-financially) through allocating grants (or awarding scholarships for example).

To date, more than 150 advocacy and election grants have been distributed and administered through P&T NGO. Among our clients is Counterpart International Armenia. We administer grants within the CIA Civic Advocacy Support Program.

Clients can choose to have P&T NGO conduct all or some of the grant administration process. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Recommending the competition process (open, closed, with limitations, single or multi-phase)
  • Format development
  • Publicizing the grant opportunity, or contacting identified targets
  • Managing applications and organizing the selection process
  • Signing contracts
  • Monitoring project implementation and evaluation
  • Project wrap-up


We design our services to meet client needs, and leverage our knowledge of Armenia to make sure both grantors and beneficiaries see value.

For additional information, please contact Anna Avetisyan, P&T NGO Organization Development Manager, by tel. +374 94 19 55 24 or e-mail [email protected].