In the nearest future in Goris community and in the villages of the community through joint efforts of “Partnership and teaching” NGO and “Ikigai Armenia” NGO entertainment and development centers will be established for the children from Artsakh.

Mkhitar Sebastatsi educomplex, Gazprom Armenia Educational-sport complex’s students, teachers, directorate and many citizens provided financial and material support for the implementation of the project.

The packages of books, entertaining and developing games, stationery packages are already in Goris and have been transferred to P&T NGO.

Լetters also were sent to the children from Artsakh by the students of the educational complexes, where it was mentioned they will definitely wait for the answer.

P&T NGO thanks to both educational complexes and citizens for their support and hope that the cooperation will be continued.

Entertainment and development centers will be created with cooperation of Goris Municipality.

Details coming soon…