Donor OrganizationLydian Armenia

Partner OrganizationsHDP Foundation, Zangakatun NGO

Duration – 1.03.2017-31.12.2017

Location Vayots Dzor Marz:  Jermuk, Gndevaz and Saravan communities; Syunik Marz: Gorayk community.

BeneficiariesFarmers of Jermuk, Gndevaz, Saravan and Gorayq communities, who are the owners of greenhouses established with the support of HDP and a group of handcraft maker girls and women established by Zangakatun NGO.

Beneficiaries will participate in social entrepreneurship/SE establishment, capacity-building trainings, implementation of market research, SE brand development, marketing strategy and business plan development, goods packing and consummation.

Project goal “To pilot & promote social entrepreneurship & development as means to improve livelihoods of socially vulnerable & other community members”.

 Expected results

  • To establish two SEs (COLLECTION POINT), (HANDCRAFT ENTERPRISE)) and receive state registration.
  • To develop marketing tools for two SEs.
  • Production of products by SEs in accordance with the market requirements.

In the framework of the project, trainings and consultations for Gndevaz, Saravan, Jermuk and Gorayk representatives will be implemented in two stages.

First stage training and consultation topics – Management and Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Model canvas, Establishment of SE Legal and Tax Field, Development of social entrepreneurship management structure and charter, Registration of SEs

Second stage training and consultation topics -Financial Planning and Forecasting of Cash Flow, Market research, Customer Service and Marketing, Business Plan Development, Presentation and Negotiation Skills, Market standards development consultation, Customer Service and Marketing, Business Plan Development, Implementation of marketing  toolset, Presentation and Negotiation skills.